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Lazer Tag, The Ultimate Game

Lazer tag is like a real life "Role Playing Game" (RPG). When you step into the arena you find yourself engulfed in blacklight, fog, flashing lights and heart pumping music. Excitement from start to finish for players 5 to 85 years of age.

Our arena is a 6000 sq. foot, two-story arena utilizing the greatest lazer tag equipment in the world.

  1. NO LAG TIMES (It happens when it happens.)
  2. COMPLETELY ACCURATE (You tag them in any lighted area, they are down.)
  3. EQUIPMENT THAT WORKS (We don't keep playing vests that are not functioning correctly, we take them out and fix them, like everyone should.)

Open floor plan in the arena and 2 full stories means you can always find other players, even in small groups, yet awesome fun for up to 30 players at a time. You play the whole arena, not just a small area so you can find someone. In our arena you will never feel lost instead of feeling you are playing the game.

When playing, a player shoots a lazer beam at another player's lights. When you tag them, you receive points for the tag and they will go down for 5 seconds (meaning they can't shoot). Everyone plays the whole game and never runs out of ammo or times they can be tagged. NO PAIN, unlike paintball. When the game is over, you can't believe how much fun you had. You come out and get your scorecard that tells you who you shot, who shot you, how well you did, and how well your team did.

Win or lose, everyone had fun and is ready for another exciting game.

What is Real Lazer Tag?


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Lazer Force is the premier lazer tag arena in the St. Louis area. Located in Caseyville, IL it includes a large arcade, and party rooms. You can buy pizza, win prizes, and host your parties at this exciting fun spot for the whole family. lazer, tag, arcade, caseyville, belleville, illinois, il, st. louis, missouri, fun zone, family fun, air hockey, ddr, dance, pizza, drinks, soda, prizes, rental, party, laser tag